Sunday, April 21, 2013

Carol Connett is May's featured artist

Short Term Gallery is proud to present the work of Bend Artist Carol Connett as our featured artist for May 2013. Join us on First Friday with food, music and the chance to enjoy her beautiful work on Friday May 3rd.

Carol Connett
Artist Statement
As a child growing up in a suburb of San Francisco, I hated school. When
released from that prison I would take refuge in the twenty or so acres of
undeveloped land across the street from my house. There I would meet up
with my friends; the stray dogs of our neighborhood. We would run and play
and I would pretend they were great beasts, real or imagined. Ever since
those days dogs, birds and the wind in the trees have been my inspiration.
I enjoy creating possible realities; morphing species and the rules of nature.
Cooperation between species is a reoccurring theme; no creature is forced to
work with humans.The landscapes of my mind are a continual presence,
Beasts often pop in and out while I preform the mundane tasks of daily life.
Often I feel these creatures, I become them, imagine how they move or
communicate.............. no wonder I often can’t find my keys. Then I go to my
studio and bring them into this world, hours of scribbling on paper,
crumpling it up and throwing it on the floor (my dog often grabs these and
chews them up) before I finally get it right.
I enjoy adding fine detail to my subjects. I like to create paintings that draw
the viewer in and take them away on a reality vacation. So pack your mental
suitcase and enjoy a little visit to my world.
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